Victorian Environmental Water Holding

Reflections - environmental watering in Victoria 2014-15

Reflections – environmental watering in Victoria is published annually by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder. It tells the stories of the benefits of environmental watering in 19 river systems across Victoria. 

In 2014-15,  more than 645,000 megalitres of environmental water were released across Victoria, timed to trigger fish breeding, boost vegetation, improve water quality and provide habitat for birds and animals. Carefully planned environmental water releases protected many threatened plant and animal species.

Highlights of this year's report include:

  • Cutting edge work by Victorian waterway managers to re-establish platypus populations hit by the Millennium drought
  • Sharing the benefits of environmental water with those who work, rest and play in Victoria's rivers and wetlands
  • How environmental water has helped to build resilience in Western river systems ahead of dry El Nino conditions
  • The multiple environmental benefits of environmental water releases: How one water release
    can hit several ecosystem targets in different locations as it moves downstream.

Reflections - environmental watering in Victoria 2014-15 [PDF File - 4.7 MB] 

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