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Juvenile Golden Perch by Arthur Rylah Institute

Juvenile Golden Perch by Arthur Rylah Institute

Are you interested in the status of native fish in Victoria?

You can now access information or ‘report cards’ on the current status of native fish in priority rivers through the Native Fish Report Card website.

In a first for Victoria, the Native Fish Report Card program uses scientific fish population surveys to produce report cards on important recreational and non-recreational native freshwater fish in Victoria.

The report cards provide brief overviews of native fish populations using fish surveys and key indicators of the health of a fishery and its recreational fishing potential. They will be updated with new fish population data every year with the potential to discover trends in fish populations over time.

The priority rivers for the project are:

  • Gellibrand River
  • Glenelg River
  • Lower Goulburn River
  • Gunbower Creek
  • Lindsay River & Mullaroo Creek
  • Mitchell River
  • Ovens River
  • Thomson & Macalister Rivers
  • Wimmera River
  • Yarra River.

These rivers were selected in collaboration with catchment management authorities (CMAs), scientists and expert recreational fishers. Fish will be surveyed using targeted scientific methods.

The Native Fish Report Card program is a partnership between the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) and Recreational Fishing License Holders (through Recreational Fishing License Trust Recreational Fishing Grants Program).

Find out more on the Native Fish Report Card website

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