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Latest watering releases

The following environmental water releases are currently being delivered or have recently been delivered.


  • Delivering to Dowd Morass


  • Delivering variable flows to the Snowy River

Lower Barwon wetlands

  • Delivering to Reedy Lake

Wimmera-Mallee wetlands

  • Delivering to Chiprick, J Ferrier, John Ampt, Lake Danaher, Mahoods Corner, Newer Swamp, Paul Barclay, part of Gap Reserve and Shannons Wayside in the Mallee region


  • Delivering to Gunbower Creek to target high flows
  • Delivering to target connectivity flows between Gunbower Creek and River Murray

Based on operational data available 18/10/2016.

Baseflow/low flow = a relatively stable, sustained minimum flow. Fresh = small or short watering events which exceed baseflow.

Releases can include water delivered in Victoria by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder, Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, Murray-Darling Basin Authority (The Living Murray program) and the NSW Government. 

Environmental watering objectives may also be met by other water in the system (such as water for households, industry and farming).

How do we know it works?

To measure the success of environmental watering, it is important to draw on the large body of scientific and community knowledge that exists about Victoria’s rivers and wetlands.

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Seasonal watering plan

A statewide plan that scopes potential environmental watering in rivers and wetlands.

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Environmental water stories

Kayak through reeds

Donating water

Imagine camping beside a wetland knowing that it’s got as much water as it has because of you? Avid bushwalker and landholder Christiane Jaeger can do just that.


Protecting platypus

The platypus is a uniquely Australian species. Along with echidnas, platypus are part of an exceptional group of mammals which lay eggs, known as monotremes. Yet our ‘duck-billed’, egg-laying icon requires protection.

News and media releases

Blackwater in Gunbower Forest

Blackwater widespread after River Murray floods

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority says river users may notice a darker water colour in parts of the River Murray and its tributaries over the coming weeks.

Flooded Lake Leaghur

Wetland balancing act

The North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is carefully managing a series of key wetlands in the north of the state to both capitalise on the wet conditions and limit any damage from the recent floods.

Lake Cullen

Water to flow to Lake Cullen

The North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is taking advantage of a rare opportunity to put floodwater into Lake Cullen, near Kerang, to provide food for the expected post-flood bird boom.

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