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Latest watering releases

Based on best available operational data, the following environmental water deliveries were made in the month of June 2024.

The watering year ends on 30 June 2024, and data on releases are currently being compiled. This section will be updated in July 2024 .

How do we know it works?

To measure the success of environmental watering, it is important to draw on the large body of scientific and community knowledge that exists about Victoria’s rivers and wetlands.

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Seasonal watering plan

A statewide plan that scopes potential environmental watering in rivers and wetlands.

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Some content on the VEWH website is under review. Information displayed that dates before 2024 may not be current.


Seasonal Watering Plan 2024-25

Media release: Environmental watering to build on gains from wet years

Victoria's regulated rivers will receive environmental flows in 2024-25 to continue improving conditions for native plants and animals, including birds and fish, to build on the gains from recent wet years.

Allocated Water Strategy 2024-25

2024-25 Allocation Water Trading Strategy

The VEWH’s Allocation Water Trading Strategy 2024-25 provides a high-level overview of the types of water trading activities the VEWH may be involved in across Victoria and interstate to optimise the management of environmental water.

Lake Eildon

Media Release: Victorian Environmental Water Holder to trade carryover space

The Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) intends to lease temporary carryover space in high-reliability water entitlement in Goulburn and Murray systems between April and June 2024.